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Need Work Done On Your Gutters in Cedarburg, WI

Cedarburg Roofing Pro’s is capable of handling all sorts of Gutter work. Whether you need gutter installation, repair or seamless gutters installed, we are here to help. 

Seamless Gutter Installation for Cedarburg, Wisconsin

What are seamless gutters? This is a common question, especially among new homeowners. Seamless gutters are gutters that are manufactured as one long piece, unlike regular gutters, and have no joints or seams. This essentially makes them leak-free, and in a way better than regular gutters. They serve to eliminate the need to weld together a continuous roll of preformed gutters, making the whole process of installation easier and faster. They also look neater, attractive and are more efficient in leak prevention than normal ones.

What is The Process of Gutter Installation?

Installation usually happens in three steps; that is; Planning and preparation, pre-forming then attaching.

cedarburg gutter repair & installation of seamless guttersPlanning and Preparation.

This initial step is crucial for a successful installation. It involves selecting the right materials for the job, choosing the color and style as well as the measurements of the roof area. All this is crucial for the second step of performing in order to achieve the desired look for your gutter and roof. It is important to get the measurements, color, and style preferences right to design the right and desirable gutter style and taste for a homeowner.


After preparing and getting the required details, the process of pre-forming begins. The gutter machine is required here to make the seamless gutter. It does so as per the acquired set of measurements and style from the initial stage of planning and preparation. A flat piece of metal or any other preferred material is feed to the gutter machine and out of it comes out a long continuous piece of gutter. This is often done at the site of installation and ensures that the desired quality and style are maintained during pre-forming.


This is the final step, and it employs the use of hangers to keep the gutter in place. Hangers are installed in a manner that they are invisible to the eye in order to maintain a truly seamless look. It is essential to note that there is absolutely no use of bolts and knots in seamless gutters installation due to their tendency to rust and stain. This would cause damage to the gutters, and lead to leaks which seamless gutters aim at eliminating in the first place.

How Does Gutter Repair Work?

After a while, the gutter tends to leak especially when little or no maintenance and cleaning are done to them. In the instance of leaking, gutter repair is necessary. One of the main check areas is sagging, standing water or rust at connection points. For seamless gutters, mainly repair includes replacing the hangers or tightening them to prevent sagging. In the instances of heavy rain or snow, cleaning them is necessary to prevent clogging of substances that block water from passing which eventually causes sagging.

For normal gutters, leaking indicates rust around the seams. First, check for any stagnant water in the gutters. After ensuring that they are clear of water and other substances, allow them to dry. Clean out the leaking areas and apply silicone or special caulking formula to the seams. Small holes are them patched using roofing cement while large holes are repaired using patches or portion replacement. It is important to ensure that replacement is done on a clear and warm day.

How often to clean gutters?

Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. This should be done early summer and early winter to clean off fallen leaves. It is vital to remove any branches and leaves from the gutters to prevent blockage or fire incidents. Cleaning ensures that there will be no overflow. Overflows tend to ruin gutters and the house itself though water seeps.

Painting gutters can be done on aluminum ones. Ensure to use oil-based, 100% acrylic based paints on gutters. Also, ensure that the paints are ammonium free. Refrain from painting vinyl gutters as they come colored and their finish isn’t designed to be painted.

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