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We Do Flat Roof Repair and Installs in Cedarburg, WI

If your home or business is important to you, then you want your flat roof in the hands of an expert like Cedarburg Roofing Pro’s!

Flat Roof Services for Cedarburg, WI

When constructing a commercial property, it is necessary to take into account details that need more attention. One of them is the roof since it is one of the critical components that will represent the central element of the protection of interior space in your home. Besides, it could provide an attractive style and design.

Flat roofs have become very important in recent years. They have a flat, simple and modern style made with waterproof elements that allow water and other liquids to drain.

Our company offers flat roof repair and replacement services as well as drainage systems to all of our clients in the city of Cedarburg, WI.

Flat Roof Repair Services

flat roof cedarburg wiOur experienced and licensed professionals offer the best flat roof repair and renovation services.

Properly installed flat roofs with quality materials are less prone to damage. However, over time, it can be damaged due to wear or temperature changes.

We take care of repairing the cracks formed in your roof, and we solve problems of humidity, leaks, ponding water, roof surface deterioration, and more. Therefore, we need to previously inspect to verify the type of roof material and determine the severity of the damage.

Replacement Procedures for Flat Roofs

Replacing a flat roof requires a greater investment of money. We have a good reputation as a local roofer in Cedarburg, WI, thanks to the fair prices we offer in exchange for quality work. We want the investment of your money to be profitable.

Certain signs allow us to determine if a roof needs to be replaced. More than 20 years of existence. Leaks. Cracks. Damaged Flashings. Broken or detached shingles. Rotten or spoiled materials.

Once these situations are identified, we proceed to carry out the replacement process. We cover the most critical elements for flat roof replacement such as waterproofing, surface, support, insulation, nailed beams and more.

How Often Should a Flat Roof Be Replaced?

The replacement of an average flat roof should be carried out approximately every 15 years. However, depending on the weather conditions of the location and the quality and types of roofing materials, it may require a replacement every 10 years or less.

How Many Layers Does a Flat Roof Have?

A flat roof can contain a certain number of layers depending on the materials used. When adding asphalt shingles, a flat roof can have two layers, just like the EPDM and TPO flat roof types.

If you need flat roof repair, maintenance or replacement services in the city of Cedarburg, WI, we are the best option for quality and durable work.

What is a Flat Roof Coating?

A flat roof, unlike a sloping roof, tends to be more prone to problems with water drainage, heat or cold expansion, and climate changes. Therefore it is essential to apply a quality flat roof coating.

The flat roof covering protects against water. Usually, these roofs have a gravel layer on the surface to divert the water to the drains. Several types of flat roof coating must be used according to their conditions.

We carry out several steps to apply it:

We clean the flat roof. We select the correct coating. We use a liquid coating. We install the rubber membrane.

How Often Flat Roof Coating Be Done?

Generally, depending on the materials, a flat roof can have approximately 10 years of useful life. However, this time can be extended between 2 to 5 years when coating it.

The Importance of A Flat Roof Drainage System

Having a properly functioning drainage system will prevent costly property damage from the presence of water. Our services for the installation of a drainage system will prevent the appearance of mold, pests, erosion, humidity and gutter problems.

How We Do Flat Roof Leak Repair

Locating leaks on a flat roof is tricky because the water travels in different directions. Our years of experience in the Cedarburg area have allowed us to find water leaks quickly.

We perform a roof inspection and apply various methods to try to verify the exact location of the leak. If you would like a quote, give us a call or fill out the form today!

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